Services Available:

  • Retail Sales            
  • Group Demonstrations 
  • Private Appointments 
  • Salon Instruction
  • Phone Consultations


Salon Information:

  • Information available for purchasing Salon Kits.
  • Wholesale Pricing for licensed Salons. 

Products Available: 

  • Jar Set with 1 ShaBo Retractable Brush and           20 ml. of Scalp Makeup.


  • Travel Brush - Pump    8 ml.


  • Travel Brush - Shaker 15 ml.


  • Replacement ShaBo Applicator Brush


  • Color Refills: 20 ml., 8 ml. and 15 ml. of Scalp Makeup  


  • ShaBo Salon Kit (For licensed salons and stylists.)

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Before Scalp Makeup


After Scalp   Makeup

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Struggling with Hair Loss?

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Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair!

Let us show you how ShaBo is changing lives.  

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Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair

     ShaBo Cosmetics is a company committed to helping women and men who are struggling with the appearance of thin hair.

     Our company is introducing a product that gives you the confidence and the look of having fuller, thicker hair by covering the thin spots on your scalp with our Scalp Makeup. 

     Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair is a unique, powdered cosmetic that is applied to the scalp with a specially designed and shaped brush. 

     Application of the product is almost as simple as brushing your hair.